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What to Look For When Boarding Your Dog

Leaving your dog at a kennel for the first time can be stressful. Will they be safe? Will they be scared? How do you know you’ve chosen the right kennel? Does someone stay overnight with the dogs? Our Kingman vets have crafted a dog boarding checklist to help ensure you’ve chosen the right facility for your furry friend.

Tour the Kennel

Before you make any concrete decisions on a facility, take a tour. Some kennels prioritize the comfort and safety of pets, while others will have obvious red flags.

A reputable, professional organization would have no problem letting you visit the dog runs, ask questions, and meet the employees. You should be allowed to see where meals are prepared, along with the space where the dogs play. These are the signs of a great kennel. Try to stay away from kennels that don’t require immunization records, seem overbooked, or appear disinterested in your pet.

Get an Itinerary

A stay at a dog kennel should be like summer camp for your pooch. Ask how frequently the dogs are allowed to play and interact with other dogs. Do they do training exercises? Are there water-based activities? Ask yourself if you’d want to stay there.

At Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital's boarding facility, our dogs are let our for a run every morning and evening. While they are outside, their kennels are cleaned and disinfected. Depending on their physical capacity and ability, we walk the dogs who stay with us on a regular schedule. Your dog will be supervised during walks and while they rest.

Book a Test Run

Many dog kennels will offer a test run, where a dog can stay boarded for a few hours during the day to see if they are well suited to the facility. They should be excited to see you when you come to get them, not anxious.

Signs of a good test run:
  • Dog is tired from a full day
  • They linger just a bit longer to say goodbye to a particular caregiver
  • You don’t see signs of stress such as excessive drooling
  • They’re just as healthy as they were when you dropped them off
  • Paws are free from dried urine or feces

If you feel unsure about how a test run went, you should try another facility.

You’ve decided to board your dog, now what should you bring?

When preparing to bring your dog for an overnight stay, be sure to pack their favorite food, favorite toy, and maybe something with your scent on it like a t-shirt or a blanket to help them feel at home overnight. Typically, there is no one at a dog kennel overnight with the dogs, so the closer to home they feel, the better.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For more accurate descriptions of our boarding program, contact us.

If you are looking to board your dog, contact our Kingman vets today to make an appointment. 

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